5 Ways to Achieve the Right Mindset

5 Ways to Achieve the Right Mindset

The right mindset is about knowing what you want from life. Our mind controls our actions. Whether positive or negative, it depends on our thoughts. If we think big, I can assure you that we can achieve big. Why there is only 3 % of people who have actually achieved in terms of wealth? How they have succeeded in their life?

It’s not about money, it’s about mindset. In our subconscious mind, everything is possible. From healing or easing our pain to achieving the impossible. So, instead of telling yourself that it is impossible or cannot be done, give healthy suggestions like “This can be done” or” It may be tough but not impossible”. In the book The power of subconscious mind Dr. Joseph Murphy explains how our conscious and subconscious mind works and by giving positive suggestions to our subconscious mind, how one can even cure fatal disease.

Achieve the Right Mindset
Right Mindset

There are two types of mindset

Growth mindset:

People with a growth mindset (Right Mindset) want to learn more and more so that they can improve themselves. They do not fear anything; even if they don’t know certain things they will try to learn those skills. Giving up is not the option for these people, so they don’t quit. To achieve the goal of life or the dream, everyone needs a growth mindset.

Fixed mindset:

mindset where one does not want to learn, where failure means the end. People with a fixed mindset avoid calculative risks which can actually be helpful for success. They also avoid challenges because it makes them feel like they are not smart enough or they don’t have that talent. They easily give up. With a fixed mindset, one will never be able to succeed as they don’t want to improve.

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.”

In order to achieve the right mindset, we must do certain things. Here are five steps to do so:

1. Clear Goal: Achieve the Right Mindset

Right Mindset is something that we require to achieve our goals. But in order to do so, one needs to have a clear goal. With a clear goal in mind, we can take action to achieve it. Do not get confused,  focus on the bigger and give a small start.

“Rome is not built in one day ”.

Confusion kills peace of mind and that will eventually kill your will power. Focus on something and just take steps. Learn every day, do not hesitate to learn from your past mistakes. Develop a growth mindset and learn from everyone. Clear your thoughts and be productive for your goals.

2. Surround yourself with the same mentality people: Achieve the Right Mindset

After a clear vision of your goal and achieving the growth mindset we need to work on our goals. But it’s not easy to stay motivated. After all, success does not come overnight. So how do stay motivated and focused?

It’s easy to Surround yourself with people who push you, who is working like you but its not easy to Surrounding with someone who can be there with you when you are feeling demotivated or depressed over failure. As we know to achieve we have to work hard again and again. It will take time and courage.

Think for a while if you are with someone who has a  fixed mindset, he/she will tell you on your failed attempt that “you cannot do this” or “this is not meant for people like us” or “as I told u earlier this cannot be done”. what will be the impact of this on your mind?

Well, either you will agree and will never try to fight for your goals or you will get more depressed or you will try to fight with the situation. So surround yourself with those who know how it feels when working hard may not give the results as u were expecting. My suggestion is to build a team or a group of people who are working on their goals as you are working.

3. Find a mentor: Achieve the Right Mindset

Now working hard is one thing and staying motivated is another. But who will guide you or feed you with knowledge and wisdom? Sure, we can learn over a period of time but correcting your mistakes at the right time and telling you how to apply your knowledge only a mentor can do that. 

Mentor‘s work is to lighten and show you the right path. Mentor has a vast experience in the same field so we can also learn from his/her mistakes too. A mentor will not just help you with your work but he/ she will help you out to acquire the right mindset. Now, to find a mentor you must be sure that he has the same goals as you or has achieved what you wish to achieve.

4. Read books: Achieve the Right Mindset

A book consists of someone’s years and years of hard work in just a few pages. Reading a book means reading someone’s thirty or maybe fifty or in some cases his whole life experiences. When we read books, we go through many people’s experiences, their work. Which they have done or which they have not done or why don’t, we can learn to form their lives by reading and it’s a healthy habit too.

To develop a growth mindset you should start reading more and more. Moreover, it’s not easy to meet your mentor anytime. He/she may be busy working or you might not have time or many more reasons. so in these cases, we can learn many new things by reading books written by mentors or successful people. Not only knowledge but books also provide peace to mind as it’s like meditation. Reading books develops concentration power which we require to focus.

5. Healthy suggestions: Achieve the Right Mindset

Achieving a positive mind or growth mindset (Right Mindset) is easy. Just fill your mind with positive suggestions. Just be strong in any negative circumstances or even if someone speaks negatively, do not lose the peace of your mind. As I mentioned earlier about the book “ the power of the subconscious mind”, the author has said various times that the subconscious mind does not sleep or rest, it keeps on working.

So whatever we fill in our subconscious mind the outcome will be seen in our lives, in our work. It is not possible to stay motivated or positive all the time. But being negative will harm you the most. The mind is our powerhouse, it channels the energy into our body. Negative thoughts poor for our minds as well as to our health.

To achieve a growth mindset we require healthy suggestions, and that means positive thoughts. Instead of “it can not be done” or “its difficult” or “it’s not in our blood to do this” try saying “it is easy, I can do this”. Repeat several times a day and within no time you will achieve what you desire.

Conclusion: Right Mindset

Everyone is different in its own way and it’s true that not all of us want the same thing from life. but a positive mind gives happiness as well as peace. Even if you are happy one negative thought can kill that happiness within a second.

This world is changing fast. So, to keep up with the world we need to adapt the changes as well. always choose a Right Mindset. It works like a charm and hopefully one day we all can achieve what we desire.