Win Your Day | Guide to Start your Day

Win Your Day | Guide to Start your Day

How to start your day?

Winning your morning is the key to win your day. That’s what we all have heard a lot of times from different people or mentors and even from our parents.

But how much this is true?

Many times we feel like we hate our job or having a bad day at a job or college or school. After that, it’s not easy to concentrate on our work or studies. Sometimes we got so much distracted that we feel depressed or lonely.

Win Your Day
Win Your Day

But is there any cure for this?

Yes, there is, But before that, we all need to understand that we, humans have emotions and we certainly do respond to that. We need to build a strong mindset. What is a strong mindset you ask? A strong mindset is one that does not respond to any negative thoughts so easily. And why this is important?

It is important because if we let ourselves respond to everything we can see the change in our mood every single time we hear something bad. But there are more different ways to stay positive and happy all day. We have different ways to win your day.

Waking up early: Win Your Day

Well, truth to be told, we all hate waking up early in the morning. It’s not easy either. But as Dan Lok says, “Easy is cheap”. But if you read or watch successful people’s biography you will find out that they all love to wake up early in the morning.

Why waking up early is so effective?

The answer to this question is simple. By waking up early we are allowing our mind and body to sync properly. It has been proved that the energy level between, early birds vs night owl, the early birds have more energy because of a good sleeping routine, a perfect way to Win Your Day. Let’s be honest night is designed to sleep. 

A bunch of things happens when your body finally relaxes in sleep and all of it is beneficial to your long-term physical health as well as mental health. Also, it helps us sustain a healthier diet. As most of the time, people usually skip breakfast in order to reach their work on time.

What to do after getting up early?

First thing first, give your mind a healthy suggestion and i.e. by thanking God for a beautiful day and also doing this with a smile. Never forget to smile. This will give feedback to your mind that you are happy and you will feel that happiness all day long.

If you tell you to mind that you got to wake up just because you need to go to the office and how shitty your job is, your entire day will be ruined because your mind reacts to what you feed into it.

I have tried this personally, let’s be honest no one likes their job, but from the moment I decided to do this, I don’t feel that pain or depression of waking up early just to get ready for a job. I feel energetic, happy, and no more regrets about life. Try this you won’t regret. Wake up with a smile and just repeat this “Thank you God for this beautiful day, beautiful morning, and this beautiful life” and that is how you win your day. Not everyone around is getting that kind of morning and you know what I am talking about.

“Monday doesn’t suck, your job doesn’t suck, waking up early in the morning doesn’t suck, it’s your mindset that sucks”.

So what should we do after waking up early?

Drink at least a glass of warm water. Now, for the next 60 minutes, you can apply the 20/20/20 formula from “The 5 am club” by Robin Sharma”.

20/20/20 Formula: Win Your Day

For the first 20 minutes, you need to do exercise. And this 20 minutes exercise has to be intense. You can do running, or pushups or pullups or any exercise which will make you sweaty. This is important because this will make you feel more awake, energetic and you will feel motivated as this has been proved that during workout our mind release Dopamine, which is a hormone for happiness.

For the next 20 minutes, you can focus on your mind by reading books or watching videos related to self-help or whatever you want to learn. The point here is that you have to work n your mind. This will help you with your thinking. My suggestion is to read self-help books but you read or study anything. If you are a student you can read your books or if you are a professional you can read the newspaper or something related to your work.

For the last 20 minutes, you have to focus on yourself. This means you can write your goals or your daily book of what to do or not do. You can even write what you are going to do all day. The basic idea is to keep yourself on track. So that you don’t lose your focus.

If you want to read books on morning rituals you can start with these books. Reviews on these books will be uploaded soon.

The Miracles Morning by HAL ELROD: Win Your Day



Deep Work by CAL NEWPORT

Deep Work

Make Your Bed by ADMIRAL WILLAM H. McRaven

What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast by LAURA VANDERKAM

Conclusion: Win Your Day

Winning your day is all about winning your morning. It’s all about the mindset. If you give healthy suggestions to your mind you will get the best feedback. To build up a new habit, it generally takes about 66 days. So, you may have to work on getting persistence. But if you want to win your day you got to make changes in your morning.