10 Reasons why we Fail

10 Reasons why we Fail

10 reasons why we fail

Let’s be honest no one wants to get fail in anything, whether in sports or in exams or in life. Failure is such a negative word, isn’t it? Well, that depends upon one’s perception or attitude that how we saw a failure.

Sometimes it is a painful experience, sometimes it comes with a lesson for a better start. But surely failure is not the end. Failure is a part of our day-to-day life. If we fail in something that doesn’t mean we are a failure. But the real question is why we fail. Here are the 10 reasons why we fail:

10 Reasons why we Fail

1 Negative mindset: 10 reasons why we fail

Anything can be accomplished with the right mindset or the mindset for that particular goal. Our mind is like a programming machine. The outcome depends upon the input we feed. With a positive attitude, everything can be done and with a negative, we can do the opposite.

So most of the time the biggest reason for failure is a negative mindset. Let’s take an example if someone thinks like he/she cannot do a particular task simply because it’s new or not known to mankind yet, that means they have a negative mindset. We have reached the moon not by some miracle but by right and a positive mindset. A success mindset never says it can’t be done or it’s too difficult. But with negative thinking, we let ourselves disappoint us. So take bold steps, don’t fear failure, and avoid a negative mindset.

2 Lack of self-confidence: 10 reasons why we fail

Confidence is everything when it comes to achieving your goals. Lack of self-confidence simply causes failure. In most cases when people got rejected multiple times their confidence decrease. In their mind, they create an illusion that maybe this wasn’t meant to be for them. But is that true?

The answer is no. Lack of self-confidence will let you lay down your weapons without even a fight. It’s not about winning or achieving your goals but it’s about getting started. A person with a lack of self-confidence failed because that person is so afraid of losing that he cannot even start. So be confident and don’t think too much about losing, instead think about your goal and satisfactions come along with it.

3 Lack of planning: 10 reasons why we fail

Planning is everything when it comes to starting a new idea. Steps by steps we follow according to what we have planned. But if we do anything without any planning it will end up in veins or maybe that idea never starts. We require designing each step in a way that nether we did not get distracted nor we became stressed up. Lack of planning cause distraction and in most cases procrastination.

We need to avoid procrastination if we want to avoid failure. With a lack of planning our interest may also decrease. And soon that idea will be dead. Plan each step in advance so that we cannot lose our focus. Planning should be done in a written format, not in a verbal way. Take your time to plan everything to avoid failure.

4 Low self-esteem: 10 reasons why we fail

Nervousness and afraid to do certain things or taking the risk is what low self-esteem does to humans. Judging yourself and thinking negative will never let you succeed. People with low self-esteem are more vulnerable to failure or to rejection. Without even trying how can we decide whether we are going to fail or not.

Working hard is one thing but feeling low self-esteem and not working is not going to solve the purpose. Taking the risk and getting fail is much more awesome than sitting without even trying and still getting failed. Improve your self-esteem; it is important for us to stay away from negativity.

5 Lack of Persistence: 10 reasons why we fail

What if someone did not make it in his first attempt? Do we call it a failure? Well, it depends. If we stop there and crying, thinking negatively and not learning from this, yes that is a failure. But if we try one more time we can succeed. Persistence is one of the keys to open the door to success. Trying, again and again, makes us strong.

But for some people, persistence means getting fail every time. They are afraid not to take another chance just because they may get fail again. And what they do next is they quit. Quitting something because now you don’t want that or have no interest is okay but quitting because you are getting failed again and again in every experiment or every test is a serious issue.

How can we be sure that we won’t fail in our next project which we have to start from scratch? No, we simply cannot. So instead of quitting something which we actually want, we must try one more time.

6 Lack of courage: 10 reasons why we fail

Every bold step needs the courage to accomplish that step needs even more courage. Courage is to take brave action even in fear. It takes guts to take decisions when fear kills the ability to make decisions. Over the period of time if our hard work does not produce any result we became discourage.

We no longer wanted to do some work as persistent as we were in the beginning. Ultimately that leads us to failure. At this point, we need to gather all our courage to stay strong and not to think negatively. Lacking courage shut down our minds to make decisions. It also affects our decision-making power. Be strong in every situation gather your courage even in the darkest time.

7 Lack of discipline: 10 reasons why we fail

Every successful man who has achieved something great in his life has accomplished it only because of discipline. Most of the time people who have knowledge, courage, and passion but still fail because they lack discipline.

Discipline doesn’t just mean to be punctual or wake up early; it also means staying with the timetable and plans we created. This means if plan to invest 2 hours daily in a particular project then, by all means, we have to do as per plan. That’s what discipline is. It’s like a code that we cannot break. Most of the time people fail because they do not follow what they have planned. They procrastinate which ends up putting the burden on their own shoulders. So go as we have planned.

8 Not learning from the mistake: 10 reasons why we fail

We, humans, do mistakes all the time that’s how we learn from our mistakes. But what if we don’t learn anything from those mistakes or not accepting our mistake? The simplest answer is we will not succeed. Getting failed in each process doesn’t make us a failure but not learning and correcting these mistakes does. People who are weak, argue but those are strong learn and succeed.

Never stop making mistakes it’s the process of learning new things. But most of the time people fail because they do not learn from past mistakes. It’s inevitable. Some people will let go of that dream or goal or passion just by saying it’s a mistake because it’s not the way they wanted this but will not improve themselves in the way they have dreamed it. Learn from the mistake and accept that mistake you defiantly without any doubt will succeed.

9 Lack of knowledge: 10 reasons why we fail

Well, it is obvious that without any prior knowledge in that particular area we will fail. But this does not mean we cannot do anything. Knowledge is not limited to a single particular man or book. We can learn about anything or everything only if we are willing to.

Most of the time people just want to do they don’t want to gain knowledge or don’t want to learn the basics. The simplest example is the stock market where thousands of people come with their money and just want to invest and don’t want to learn and study the market. They have seen examples of some successful people that how they have become rich and rest we know everything.

They fail they became bankrupt. It’s not like they cannot succeed or be like those successful people and we admire their enthusiasm and courage but the foundation is everything. We became rich not from the pocket but from the knowledge we have.

10 Relying on others: 10 reasons why we fail

Assembling a team or creating and expanding a network is one thing but relying on someone for your own work will end up in failure. It’s simple how can we trust someone who may not have the same desire to achieve that goal or task as strong as we want it to be?

In most cases, people rely on others for some work which if not came out as per they have planned they became disappointed or ends up being failed. People have their own desire or dreams which they want to achieve. It’s not like others don’t care but they cannot simply be that passionate as you are.


don’t see failure as an end. we all fail, we all have to feel that pain at some point. Remember all that pain is making you stronger if you fight back but if you give up too easily that same pain will make yourself a week. these 10 reasons are the common reasons why we face failure. so, be strong and persistent and prove everyone wrong.