5 Books You Must Read Before your 20’s

5 Books You Must Read Before your 20’s

Last time we have reviewed “The Seven Habits of highly successful people” in books review topics. This time we will review 5 Books You Must Read. Now before we talk about these five books I need to tell you guys that how reading books helps us. I have seen these changes in me.

I was never a book lover before but now when I look back I see myself as a fool for not starting this earlier. The lever of thinking I have or the perception level and the problem-solving attitude, are a few changes I have seen from the last one and half years. And I haven’t read much I mean fifteen books. And just think what a hundred books can do. Well, for that it may take time. But for now, let’s start with these five awesome books.

5 Books You Must Read

1. How to win friends and influence people: 5 Books You Must Read

5 Books You Must Read, book number one, If you work in a network where you need to meet and talk to various other people or just want to expand your network in terms of business or social, then this book is for you. As the name suggests this book is very helpful when comes to soft skills. It is a perfect book for introverts, who have difficulty in communicating with other people. This book was written by the famous DALE CARNEGIE in 1936.

It talks about various lessons to remember when it comes to talking to your collogue or our employees or maybe your friends and family. Book consists of four sections, in those sections, there are chapters or lessons. In my perspective, one should this book to become a good listener and to become a good leader.

2. The greatest salesman in the world: 5 Books You Must Read

5 Books You Must Read book number two, Written by OG MANDINO in 1968, this book is absolutely a masterpiece when comes to salesmanship and success. Books talk about a fable and ten. A wise master Pathros gave his servant boy Hafid ten scrolls which contains all the wisdom he would need to achieve success as a salesman. Each day he has to read one scroll for the next 30 days.

These scrolls consist of wisdom and to be honest knowledge in these scrolls is to improve ourselves. So is this book is only for the salesman? No. this book contains vast knowledge. Every day we require to sell something, it can be your views on something or your thoughts or maybe a new idea. This book is about how to think when comes to start anything. Like, working on new projects or starting something new. To summarize in short, this book is for self-improvement rather than be seen as for sales purposes.

3. The richest man in Babylon

5 Books You Must Read book number three, This book is written by George s. Clason in 1926. The Richest Man in Babylon talks about the laws and success secrets of the era of Babylon. How Arkad, a son of simple merchant became the richest man in Babylon. In this book, the author has described the laws, not just for acquiring money but how to save it and invest it. With help fables and examples. This book is not just a self-help book it is also a financial self-help book.

I recommend this book for those who struggle with saving money and for those who want to invest their money. I find this book very essential for youngsters like me. Being young, I spend a lot of my money on buying things but I wanted to save and invest too. This book helped me a lot.

4. The happiness of pursuit

5 Books You Must Read book number four, This book is written by Chris Guillebeau in 2014. Chris is a social entrepreneur, writer, and traveler, who has traveled to 193 countries. This book is not just about his experience of traveling but also about finding the meaning of life. how to find the quest of your life which brings lots of excitement. Like Chris’s own quest in which he traveled all 193countries and his experience of over 10 years.

Finding the true meaning of purpose and work on that is what this book is about. He talks about the various people he meets in his journey and how those people are working on their quests. I recommend this book because in our day today’s life we all are stuck in waking up, working, sleeping and repeat. We all have something in us; it may be a passion or anything. to light that again this book works like a spark.

5. Zero to One

5 Books You Must Read bok number five, This book is written by Blake Masters in 2014. Blake attended one of the guest lectures by Peter Thiel venture capital of Pay pal and he wrote down all the important points. Later he set with Peter Thiel and writes this book. If you are interested in a startup or wanted to be an entrepreneur well then this book is for you.

This book is not just about tech startup or related to just tech, this book is about how we can go from zero to one or vertically progress and what does it bring to us by not going zero to n or horizontally progress. Recommend this book for those who wanted to be an entrepreneur. This book taught different lessons and how to think differently, uniquely, and by following his book’s principle I am sure anybody can become successful in startups.