Ever wonder what makes people so successful in life? Even when they have the same amount of opportunities, the same amount of time, and even the same education.

Life is unpredictable, while you might be sad or depressed about your present situation, some people are growing themselves. It’s not about time or money, it’s all about the right attitude. Once you understand that with a right attitude you can win even in worst situation, you will never be depressed or sad.

How to get that right mindset?

How to achieve success in life?

All the answers lies in your day to day habits. Here are 8 things successful people do in there day to day life.


Have a Powerful and Inspiring “Why”: 8 THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO

Most of us are more focused on what we want in our life rather than Why. We do what we listen, what we see or what we imagine. But what most of us don’t understand that we need to focus on why we want certain things in our life.

For example we all want to be rich or we all want secure jobs or better tomorrow. And there is nothing wrong with that. But what we all don’t know is “why”. If you have a certain goals or dreams or desires you need to ask yourself one question. Why you want that? And if you know the clear answer to this question you will get it.

The reason why people got frustrated from not getting results is because they are result oriented not goal oriented. If you focus on what you will end up being frustrated or depressed. But if your why is clear to you, you will see every failure as an new opportunity.

So, know your “Why” more then you know “What”. From the book “Find your Why” written by “Simon Sinek”, he has explained in detail that how we can change the way we see our goals into reality just by knowing the answer of Why.

Taking actions even when it’s scary: 8 THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO

Every beginning is scary. Ask any one who has achieved something you want to achieve someday and he will tell you that it is hard inthe beginning but later on it’s just a piece of cake. Rome is not built in a day, but if it does it won’t be Rome as we know today. Great things take time. But one has to make his or her first move.

Taking action is the key to achieve everything you desire. And it has to be scary in the beginning. It makes us strong, it is preparing us to achieve even more, or maybe it is testing us. You got to prove that you are worthy of it.

Keep Their Goals in front of them: 8 THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO

It is easy to get distracted. Stay focused is very important in the era of social media. According to a survey we can’t keep our selves away from our cell phones more then 10 minutes. The source of our entertainment is wide. And our patience level is becoming very low. As you know about Tiktok where video length is just one minute. This is how much we can take to entertain ourselves. We can’t stay focused more then that.

We have to put our goals in front of us so that we can stay focused and work on it. Don’t waste your time. It is very precious. Do what you want to do. Don’t listen to negative thoughts and don’t get distracted. You can achieve everthing in your life.

Most successful people focus in one thing. They keep their goals in front of them so that they can focus on that. Make a list or plan everything. Planning everything in ‘reverce engineering’ is more productive then planning it in stay away manner.

Learn from the people they admire: 8 THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO

Surround yourself with people having same goals. If you are surrounded with people having different goals then yours, you will end up having the same. So it is very important to be with like minded people.

If you don’t find people having same goals, you need to change things around you. This doesn’t not mean you have to change your friends or family, this means you need more people like you having same thoughts and passion like yours.

In this way you will learn more and fast. The possibility of achieving your goals will be high. Not only they will boost your positive energy but they will teach you one thing or another. It might not be helpful in the beginning but later in life you will end up having more then your usual friends.

Plan their day the night before: 8 THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO

In order to have a great day, one has to plan their day before night. It will save your time and make you more organized. Planning you day might take 10 minutes to 15 minutes. But it will save your hours next day. You don’t have to stress about what to do next.

Successful people put there mind on one thing at a time. They don’t do multi-tasking. And if you plan your day well, you don’t need to think about ‘what next’. You will be focused on your current work and you will complete that without any other thought in your mind.

Make their health a priority: 8 THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO

‘Health is Weath’, we all know this. We have heard this about million times. From our parents and from our mentors. But why it is so important? The answer is simple you don’t want to catch cold before your exams. Because you want to stay focused and that cold might not be the thing you want to catch before your exams. Same thing applies here as well.

If you arr healthy you will be more focused, more energetic and enthusiastic about what’s coming next. But if you are not healthy you may not be able to enjoy the outcomes as well. Make your health your number one priority. Or ask such people who are lacking in health, what they feel and you will understand what this line is about.


In 2020, it is easy to get distracted. After all we are living in the age of technology and cheap cheap internet. More over, we can’t keep our hands off from our cellphone for not more then 15 minutes. This is the reason why most of us can’t achieve our goals.

Staying focused is not that difficult, all you need is to focus on ‘why’. Always stay persistent in your plans. If your plan to read 20 pages of a book, you must put your phone on silent and sit in a quiet room. In most of the cases we got distracted by the notification on our cellphones. So make sure you disable that. Only put those notifications on which is important to your goals.

If you kept on getting distracted you will end up depressed and sad about yourself. And that will lead you to more despressed thoughts which will effect your productivity and mental health. So, make sure you complete your task and then as a reward you can take off your mind from your work. Use 90/20 rule. Work on your goals for 90 minutes and then take a break for about 20 minutes.


Read is important, not only you will gain knowledge from the book but it will keep your mind calm. It’s like an meditation where you have to stay focus while reading. Read atlest 20 pages a day.

In order to speed up the process, you need to learn from others. Either you can make your own mistakes and learn from it or you can learn from others. That is why we must-read books. Where we can learn from authors. You can read for enjoyment as well.

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