Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Our Mindset is influenced by what we see, listen and do. A mindset is something we think of when someone gives us a problem or situation. Hence come Growth Mindset. For example, a teacher gave C (grade) to one of his students and he reacts to this, this is his mindset. Will he accepts his mistake and promises not to repeat or he will think less of himself. The opposite is also true, what if a student got A+? How will he react? Will, he is like I am perfect? Or will he promise to keep up by working hard? That is how we build our mindset.

Some people just give up on their first failure and some people push themselves even if it is their 1000th failure. Now, it is not possible for anyone to be a perfect human being but we all have some hidden talents. If we find out sooner and by working on that we can achieve the life which we have desired. But for some people its the hard work. They work hard and that’s how they achieve their goals.

Growth Mindset

“Hard work beats talent when talent doen’t work hard”

Types of mindset

  • 1. Fixed Mindset
  • 2. Growth Mindset

1. Fixed Mindset:

A person with fixed mindset always has an excuse for his failure. Instead of accepting his mistake, he will blame others. e.g. ” I got bad grades because teacher hates me” “I couldn’t get that promotion because other guy is Boss’s favorate.”. Even future Fixed Mindset People are reluctant to try. They just want to do things the way they have done before.

They don’t want to learn new ways. For this kind of people, successful people are either born with talent or they have given special powers, this is what they think. They can’t accept that impossible can be made possible by hard work. they often come with excuses like ” they are not talented enough” or “no one has taught this thing to them”. Fixed mindset people always want someone else approval in everything. Like if they fail they will try to tell you the story that how and why they fail and wants you to agree with them that yes they fail due to that reason.

2. Growth Mindset :

A person with a growth mindset is usually a person who instead of blaming anyone or anything for their failure, sees opportunity., instead of getting sad, these types of people usually work on finding the reason why they fail and how they can not repeat that. It’s not like these people are born with this mindset, they are regular people who were grown up with positive people, those people who instead of discouraging, but actually pushed them to be better every day. but it’s not like we can change ourselves later. There is always room for improvement. After all, no one is perfect.

A growth mindset can be acquired by pushing ourselves to learn new things each day, by finding solutions instead of reasons. seeing failure as an opportunity, not destiny. People with a growth mind are usually the people with a small amount of fixed mindset. as I said there is no one who is perfect or a true grower of mindset. But one has to acquire a growth mindset in order to achieve their goals or at least in his work. Some people are born talented and yet somehow people achieve the same results by working hard as well. 

What exactly is Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is a way we think when we face sudden failure or setbacks. If one starts blaming others for the failure, he or she is not learning. A growth mindset requires one to stay calm in every situation and think why this happened and how can it be rectified. People with a growth mindset at least try to understand first instead of giving NO. They knew that it is not possible to know everything. So, they will try to research things whereas someone with a fixed mindset will not even try to understand things, He will reject the first he listened.

 For a fixed mindset people, somethings are God gifted that means they can’t succeed in that. So, they don’t even try and won’t let others to try as well. Whereas people with a growth mindset will try each day to master those things. 

Why the Growth Mindset is important?

It is important to know first that a growth mindset can be achieved at any age. All you have to do is to see things with different perspective. If you encounter new idea or new ways, try to understand first and research that . only then deliever your answer. Now , the reason, It is important Because with growth mindset you can achieve new heights in your life, career or in relationships or with family and friends.

People love those who listen and then give the answer not those who straight away say NO. If you have a goal or dream to pursue, you need to be flexible. You may face failure but if you kept on trying each time you face setback you will achieve that goal sooner. but if you quit you will live your whole life with unhappiness and regrets.

 How to attain a Growth Mindset?

Anyone can have growth mindset just by willing to change themself for good. The very foundation of this can be built from the childhood but as i said it can be achieved at any age. Teacher’s job is not just to teach subjects but they have to understand every student’s potential. Everyone is born with a talent, finding that talent and working on that, will make that person successful easily and in no time. But we often sees that some kids are reluctent to show what they are capable off, because they lack in confidence.

Now, here teacher has to work wth those students to know what are their strengths. Parent’s job is not just to provide their kids with food, educations and other essential things but to udnderstand what their kids wants or what their kids are capable off . even if as a parent you don’t under stand, try to be supportive and this way that kid will aquire the growth mindset. Teach them to work hard and never give up. Teach them to support others and understand others. 


The end result is that whether you are in a good situation or a bad one, you should never lose hope. Always be positive and looks always to the bright side. And, yes, there will be a bright side if some looks with a positive mind. Always choose a growth mind over a fixed mind.